Optimum Foot Clinic is Ireland's leading clinical foot orthotics therapy and biomechanics lab providing orthotics services to athletes and the general public.

We assess and treat the walking injuries and running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, foot pain, heel pain, shin splints, runners knee and foot pain conditions that are caused or aggravated by poor biomechanics, the way we interact with the ground during standing, walking and running.

Using the latest and most advanced clinical gait assessment techniques and tools, we assess and treat gait deficiencies that can cause injury or contribute to failure of injury rehabilitation.

Our clients include professional athletes, amateur sports enthusiasts, adults and children.

We work with sports people from most sports including GAA, soccer, athletics and rugby .

In the past we have also helped dancers, Arctic marathon runners and many other types of clients with varying requirements.

However you do not have to be an athlete to use our services.

Being able to walk and run is such a basic thing - but if walking or running is painful or difficult, life can be very miserable. It can stop you working, playing sport, and getting around to do everyday things.

We take pleasure in seeing you return to injury-free sport and activities following our help - without having to give a thought to heel pain, foot pain, leg pain, knee pain or hip and back pain.