5 Reasons Why Flip-Flops and Sandals are Bad for Your Feet

I was a little flippant in my last post but there was a good clear message behind it.  That message is…Flip-flops and sandals are bad for your feet.  I hope I’ve been clear… 😉  They may feel good as they keep your feet aired during hot times but they have a severe lack of foot…

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“What about my flip-flops and sandals during the summer?”…..

Sorry? “Can I wear them with my flip-flops and sandals?” Ehhh……no. Controlling foot motion is a complicated business. This shows by the way I have just assessed your biomechanics, designed your foot orthotics, cast you in the optimum position, advised you on wearing suitable footwear and taken 4 years of University and 12 years of…

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