Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic therapy is the treatment of biomechanical deficiencies, anatomical anomalies and pain using biomechanically designed orthotics.

An orthosis (incorrectly referred to in general terms as an orthotic) is a device applied to the body to reduce pain, correct deformity or to accommodate incorrect application of force on the body.

Foot orthotics are biomechanically design inserts used in footwear to influence the forces applied to the limbs by anatomy, body weight, gravity and other factors including the ground reaction force which is the force that ‘fights’ back at us as we hit the groud.

Orthotics are not insoles or arch supports. These do not have much biomechanical control and only apply force in a haphazard way.

Custom orthotics are designed for the individual based on a thorough assessment and with a specific outcome in mind.  Orthotics work by ‘altering’ the action of the forces on the body.