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Assessment for suitability for custom foot orthotics involves different assessments that add up to a prescription that will be effective and suitable for the original condition that has lead to the biomechanical deficiency. Aseessments include: Patient medical history Family medical history Static assessment Standing assessment Walking assessment Running assessment Video gait analysis If you are…

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Foot Orthotics

Optimum Foot Clinic is Ireland’s leading clinical foot orthotics therapy and biomechanics lab providing orthotics services to athletes and the general public. We assess and treat the walking injuries and running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, foot pain, heel pain, shin splints, runners knee and foot pain conditions that are caused or aggravated by poor…

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Custom Foot Orthotics (CFO’s) control abnormal position and movement of the foot. Whilst standing or walking, the heel and midfoot are held in a more stable position. This allows the foot to function more efficiently during weight-bearing and propulsion. Shoe Advice Shoes and runners play an important part in optimum foot biomechanics. All shoes are…

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