Leinster Clinic Biomechanics Lab is run and operated by David Kingston, a B.Sc.(Hons) Senior Orthotist.

Orthotists are trained in the assessment for and provision of orthotics. Orthotists do not work in any other field of health care.

Orthotists are trained to an Honours degree level with 3 years university tuition and 12 months hospital placement before they can work in the public sector.

Orthotists do not “learn” orthotics and biomechanics on a “weekend training course”. We are not another ‘so-called’ health care profession that wants to ‘moonlight’ in foot orthotics therapy.

Orthotic therapy is all we do, all we have done, and it’s what we excel at.

That is why you can be confident that you will receive the best orthotic therapy and biomechanics treatment at LCBL.