Runners Knee

Runner’s knee is a condition called Patellofemoral Syndrome and really means ‘pain behind the kneecap cause it isn’t working efficiently up against the thigh bone groove’.

Runners knee can also be called chondromalacia patellae.

When the kneecap doesn’t ‘track’ correctly against the thigh bones’ grove behind it, then it begins to cause an overuse injury. The bad ‘tracking’ of the kneecap can be caused by numerous influences including bursitis, muscle instability around the knee, a tight ilio-tibial band and be an overuse symptoms.

The main reason that we see patient’s with runner’s knee is for mal-alignment reasons. This basically means that the thigh bone and shin bone are badly aligned forcing the kneecap to ‘track’ poorly and eventually this leads to damage and pain behind the knee, or around the knee.

Runner’s knee can be felt at worst when going up or down stairs, running up or down hill and getting up from a seated position after a long period of inactivity.